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David Castain Conglomerates

David Castain And Associates

David Castain And Associates

A marketing firm designed to address all issues involved in the growth of a business, including marketing, strategy, and economic competitiveness.

David Castain Destinations

David Castain Destinations

A travel platform that provides insight and preparation for your very own adventures to the most interesting and exotic countries throughout the world.

David Castain Foundation

David Castain Foundation

A nonprofit geared towards changing the future of disenfranchised youth who may not otherwise possess the necessary tools for success.

Castain Capital Investments

Castain Capital Investments

A real estate investment firm that provides diversified exposure to dynamic markets by implementing strategic investment philosophies.

About David

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David Castain is an American creative, travel influencer, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, scholar and Forbes8 Mastermind recently featured in Forbes Europe and Forbes Under 30. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a Master’s degree from Georgetown University, and is currently a Ph.D. student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Forbes Magazine said he’s unique, Ebony Magazine describes him as “single and sexy”, the Huffington Post calls him “a marketing maven” and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin says he is “the kind of person movies are made about”.


David has circled the globe to 45 countries and created David Castain Destinations, a platform that provides insight and preparation for your own adventures throughout the world. He is the founder of David Castain and Associates, a marketing firm worth over 5 Million that addresses all the issues involved in the growth of a business and Castain Capital Investments, a firm that provides diversified exposure to dynamic real estate markets by implementing strategic investment philosophies. Committed to giving back to the community, he created the David Castain Foundation, a nonprofit organization geared towards changing the future of youth who may not otherwise possess the necessary tools to achieve success.


David and his four siblings were raised in a single parent household in the urban community of Los Angeles County, California. He grew up in government housing watching his mother struggle to make ends meet. He was kicked out of multiple high schools before attending a secondary school for students with behavioral issues that are at risk of not graduating. Hanging in the wrong circles as a teenager lead to a legal incident that he thought would cost him a chance at strong future and more importantly his freedom. David thought going to jail had cost him his dreams, but when a second chance came his way vowed to change himself and never again do anything detrimental to his future success.

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An Early Framework For Business

David’s mother instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in him at a young age. She taught him to resale candy bars purchased at wholesale price as well as handmade crafts and other seasonal items their family made to help out with the bills. He quickly learned that every audience possesses a diverse realm of interests and a wide range of needs. His mind grew and adjusted to carefully select words that crafted the proper message for the specific person he was trying to sell to at the time. This led to the development of verbal skills that adaptable to various situations, people and circumstances even when working through problems and issues. essence, this was spark that ignited that fire that fuels his marketing and communicatory excellence. 


With his naturally communicative and expressive demeanor he began throwing parties, branding himself as an event curator. He subsequently became a trendsetter in the world of entertainment after being dubbed “one of the country’s best promoters” by The Washington Times. He has organized events with celebrity superstars such as Diddy, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. Quickly realizing that expansion is an inherent part of success, David broadened his client base organizing events with Sports Icons such as LeBron James, and Floyd Mayweather. Using the momentum created from these events, he launched David Castain & Associates.  

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